Demystifying Flavours | Advanced

Level : Advanced| Age Group : 16+ Years | Price : € 29.95/session | Starting : Oct 04, Every Tuesday 07:30 P.M. |Maximum 12 person per group

How can the same set of ingredients, used in different cuisines, taste a world apart?

Globalize your cooking by learning about the flavours and cooking techniques of famous Cuisines.

In this 6 part course you will learn to make different kind of breads, Rice, Sauces, Curries or Stir fries that use same base ingredients but define a different culture each.

Each session works independently and can be attended one at a time or purchased as a whole course (at 20% discount).

Session 1 : Thai

Session 2 : Mexican

Session 3 : Italian

Session 4 : Greek

Session 5 : Moroccan

Session 6 : Indian

*Maximum 12 person per group

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