PSN Expert Talk with Prabhjot Kaur | Ayurveda & Motherhood

PSN Expert Talk with Prabhjot Kaur | Ayurveda & Motherhood

Ayurveda & Motherhood | Ancient wisdome for modern Mothers

My name is Prabhjot Kaur, I am an Indian expat living in Europe for the past decade or so. 8 years ago I gave birth to a daughter after a difficult delivery. I was unwell, alone and due to language barriers, I had difficulty in getting the required care after birth. For the first few weeks, I survived on bread, butter and jam sandwiches. This lack of care and proper nutrition left me with aches and discomforts that lasted for years.

It’s interesting to note that I grew up watching both my parents make various meals, potions and spice mixes for all the new mothers in my giant extended family. There was always an aunt visiting us to give birth or a cousin, whose baby won’t stop crying and needed help. My father was expert on all the traditional medicinal barks, gums and leaves while my mother could mix up spices to cure anything. It was them I turned to, after suffering for years in silence. I followed the meal plans only for a week and ate the medicinal bars for a month and voila! I was cured. My forever tired body was rejuvenated and all the aches were gone. Since then I have been studying सात्विक ( Satvik) lifestyle based on Ayurveda. It’s my attempt to bring the lesser known recipes to those who wish to recover from child birth with the help of food they consume.

This talk includes, discussion on ingredients and how to use them for postpartum healing, along with 25% discount on e-book “Healing Meals | Ayurveda inspired recipes for new Mothers” with tried and tested recipes for complete postpartum meal plan. These meal plans along with recipes, will help you add a skill-set in your repertoire. Come, join us to have an introductory conversation on how using ayurveda you can make a difference with what you have in your spice cabinet.

Schedule : Wednesday, November 22, 2023 1900 hours on Zoom

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